Go ahead: Immerse yourself in “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

Director James Cameron’s love of the ocean and all things aquatic is evident in every frame. It’s one of the most expensive movies ever made – estimated at $350 to $400 million – and this shows in every frame, too, with glorious special effects.

To say that it surpasses the imagery of the first film from 13 years ago is a colossal understatement.

To be fair, I saw it in the most enhanced ways possible, in a D-BOX seat that moves along with the action. The auditorium also featured a high-frame-rate version, which means you see more images per second than usual to give the film a more realistic look. Additionally, it was in 3D.

That said, I would have enjoyed it in any theater, enhancements or not.

The story is set several years after the first one, with former human Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and his wife Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) on the tropical world of Pandora, where they are raising a family.

Once again, they face the threat of the “sky people” – humans with the Resources  Development Administration – invading Pandor. This time, they seek to harvest a different resource.

Battles, both internal and external, loom ahead. It wouldn’t be fair to tell you much more than that except that you’re in for solid action and eye-popping visuals in a film that’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser, just as the first one was.

If you’ve watched many James Cameron movies, you’ll recognize nods to much of his previous work reflected here, from a “Titanic”-reminiscent scene toward to the end to the robots of “The Terminator” and the gorgeous creatures of “The Abyss.” Also, there’s a brief, cool reference to an iconic Nirvana album cover.

I enjoyed the character development, the drama and the action. But the special effects are the real star. Once I instinctively tried to wave away an image that appeared to be right in front of me, and I was captivated by the lifelike sea creatures that inhabit Pandora.

Pandora awaits. Dive in.

3 stars

Running time: Three hours and 12 minutes.

At Cinemark, Davenport; Regal, Moline; and Palms 10, Muscatine.

Rated: PG-13 for intense action, scenes of death and foul language.

Watch the trailer here: