Just because a movie doesn’t have a billion-dollar studio behind it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth seeing on the big screen.

Take, for example, the upcoming “Inspector Sun,” a wonderful family film that’s based on the likes of movies like “A Haunting in Venice,” already playing in theaters.

‘Inspector Sun’ (IMDb)

This is CGI animation tells the story of a universe of insects, who live in their own universe and occasionally have contact with humans. The setting is 1934 Shanghai, and Inspector Sun (Ronny Chieng) is on the case.

I use the phrase “Better lucky than good” all the time (think Inspector Clouseau in “The Pink Panther” films.) That’s pretty much how Inspector Sun’s career goes. He’s not the great detective he thinks he is, but darned if he doesn’t stumble onto some clues and answers as he bumbles along.

When he takes a vacation on a cargo plane to San Francisco, he has no idea he will end up with a murder mystery on his … claws, when the wealthy Dr. Bugsy is found deceased in a spider’s web.

There’s a femme fatale type close to the case. In fact, she’s a black widow spider (Jennifer Childs Greer) who vehemently denies she had anything to do with her well-to-do spouse’s death.

Rocco Pucillo’s screenplay is smart, funny and clever. It’s a murder mystery that always maintains a humorous approach to the goings-on.

The characters always act like their real-life insect and arachnid counterparts, especially jumping spider Janey (Emily Kleimo,) who annoys Inspector Sun with her overzealous attempts at being his assistant.  

I really enjoyed the look of the film, too, with its colorful characters and fun environments. Although this is a delightful family film, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this spin-off of a whodunit.

3 ½ stars

Running time: One hour and 28 minutes.

Rated: PG for scenes of death and coarse humor.

This movie is scheduled to open Oct. 27 in theaters.

Watch the trailer here.