“Bros” is a solid romantic comedy with witty lines and welcome dashes of social commentary.

It has a meet-cute beginning that’s not so cute that it’s cloying. Bobby (Billy Eichner, “Billy on the Street” and “Parks and Recreation”) is single – happily so, or at least that’s what he maintains. He’s a podcast host whose dating life is based around Tinder.

Bobby is at a club one night when he meets Aaron (Luke Macfarlane, “Brothers and Sisters,”) an attorney who also says he likes to play the field. The two men share an almost-instant attraction to each other.

Opposites in many ways, they carefully journey through various situations that include jealousy, fear of commitment and distrust.


This isn’t a “PG-13” rom-com. It’s for grownups who should know that going in. You’re going to hear and see explicit sexual material that’s part of the reason the show earned an “R” rating.

You’re also going to see two smart, endearing characters wrestle with the question of how they might fit the other person in their lives. I loved the conversations both men have with current friends and people they’ve known in the past, and how this dialogue adds to the character development of both leads. The meeting-the-parents sequences, as are many of the other scenes, are funny, sweet, and true-to-life.

Eichner and Nicholas Stoller, who directs (and who also directed the incredible “Forgetting Sara Marshall”) wrote this. So, it’s no surprise that the movie is clever and often turns rom-com cliches upside-down. Plus, I like the in-jokes, including those that take a loving poke at Hallmark movies, because Macfarlane has appeared in so many of them.)

It’s comedic enough for you to laugh out loud several times and emotional enough for you to say “Awww” a few times, too.

3 stars

Rated: R for foul language and explicit sexual material.

Running time: One hour and 55 minutes.

Watch the trailer here.