I couldn’t understand why Disney didn’t release its latest version of “Pinocchio” to the big screen. That is, until I saw it.

The update, which is serviceable but nothing magical, contains only a smattering of the charm of the original 1940 animated Disney classic. Partly animated and partly CGI, the movie is a decent, but not memorable, way to spend a couple of hours with your family.

Then you can watch the original “Pinocchio” again and enjoy the classic Disney version.

Tom Hanks is fine as Geppetto, the clock-maker/woodcarver who, this time, has a past that’s part of the story. This is one of the updates that’s welcome, because it helps us understand and empathize even more with his character.

Jiminy Cricket (voice of Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is still around as the conscience and guide of the marionette who has sprung to life. And it’s the Blue Fairy (voice of Cynthia Erivo) who tells Pinocchio what he must do to become a real boy.

Some of the jokes simply aren’t funny. Young audiences who are bound to watch this won’t understand a reference to Chris Pine. And there’s a scene with Pinocchio staring at, well, animal droppings that’s completely unnecessary and coarse.

The added songs are forgettable and left me longing for more time with “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

The addition of Kyanne Lamaya as a puppeteer with an injured leg was wise, though.

The story of Pinocchio is quite old – much older than the 1940 Disney version. It’s based on an 1883 story by Carlo Collodi.

There’s an even newer Guillermo del Toro version – more true to the book, so it’s said – of Pinocchio’s story that will arrive in November.

Perhaps it will have more wit than the Disney+ version.

2 stars

Rated: PG for themes of loss and coarse humor.

Running time: One hour and 51 minutes.

Streaming on Disney+.

Watch the trailer here.