A new ice cream shop that has a Mexican twist

Hidden History

La Michoacana opened it’s doors this summer in Silvis.

They have 15,000 locations in Mexico and the previous closest branch was in Chicago.

For the past two years of remodeling guests can now enjoy traditional Mexican ice cream and paletas which are popsicles.

According to the owner Gerardo Chavez since opening its doors back in June one of a kind snack stands out on its menu.

“The most popular is the Michelagua that only we do it here at La Michoacana,” said Chavez. “It’s basically any flavored ice cream water based with either chia water lemonade water de sandia monsters, Squirt whatever you can think about and then it’ gets Salsagheti on top, our hot chamoy and a stick of tamarindo.”

Angel Hilburn lives in East Moline and has tried different things at La Michoacana.

“It’s amazing there’s such a big Hispanic community this was long over due,” said Hillburn. “It’s awesome I mean it’s so different than what we’re use to here and I mean it’s just a nice change a very nice change.”

The owners of La Michoacana are also planning on expanding their business to the other side of the Mississippi River.

“Family owned business that we’ve been doing for a while and now we just decided to bring it here and hopefully jump borders into the Iowa side pretty soon,” said Chavez. “We do want to grow here in the area and up north and hopefully get all the way to Des Moines but we’re going to be working our way up there a little slowly.”

The owners say they’re already working on opening a new location in Davenport.

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