From the Quad Cities to the Super Bowl: Roger Craig wants to inspire kids in his hometown

Black History Month

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The Quad Cities are home to a lot of extraordinary people who have contributed to society, and many of them continue to give back to the place they call home: this includes legendary San Francisco 49ers running back Roger Craig.

Locally, he’s known for being a standout at Davenport Central High School in the late 70s, but people who were around during that time, say it’s not just what he did on the field, it’s what he did off the field and long after he graduated that make them even prouder.

“He didn’t forget his community,” former Davenport Central assistant Coach Flynn said. “And, he didn’t forget his high school. He bought shoes for an entire team amongst other things… whereas he might’ve bought himself a new car, I don’t know but he didn’t, but he didn’t forget people here.”

Coach Flynn said Craig’s family has always been classy and that’s why he’s so proud of the man Roger became and is today.

“I think a thing you can learn from a person like Roger Craig,” Coach Flynn said. Number one, he didn’t get to where he has been just on talent along he worked hard. He worked hard all of the time, And it didn’t make any difference in what sport he was involved in. I think hard work will get you most times where you want to go.”

 Working hard and being humble was instilled into Roger Craig since he was a little boy. His older brother Curtis guided him and help shape him be the man he is today. Roger says he owes his success to his other brother.

“Some of the things he helped me with is work ethic,” Craig said. “Working hard and working harder than the next person that you are competing against. It was his lead that taught me all the things that’s going to help me in life not just as a football player but in the corporate world as well.”

Craig says he wants the younger generation that’s coming up now to understand what you put into life is what you will get out of it.

“Just believe in yourself.. believe in your team. and work hard and just know hard work will bring you greatness,” Craig said. “If you don’t understand certain things, ask questions from leaders from the team from the coaches, or whatever learn as much as possible. So, you can be the best that you can be when you step out onto the football field.”

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