New Style Hair Academy in Moline creates a new path for future barbers

Hidden History

Miguel Rosas started cutting hair about 20 years ago at just 12-years- old and now for the past two years he’s been running New Style Hair Academy.

Many of his students have gone on to open their own barbershop or are themselves working in the Quad Cities.

Rosas says he learned how to cut hair because of the circumstances in which he grew up in.

“I started cutting hair when I was 12 years old because my mom use to cut our hair and mess it up so I bought my own set of clippers and I would cut my own hair to try to fix up what she did,” said Rosas.

After graduating from barber school and gaining some experience he decided to pass on his gift to those willing to learn.

“I opened up the hair academy in 2018 and right now we have currently 20 students, a lot cool things that I’ve done have really stood out and so now I just want to pass my gift on to other people,” said Rosas.

Jazmin Torres is a student at New Style Hair Academy in Moline, she’s one of many students who are studying to be the next best barber.

“Just being here the instructors help so much, it’s so amazing to be able to be one of the females here that just has lot of new techniques and I’m willing to learn every day something new so I think it’s super fun,” said Torres.

She will be graduating soon and already has big plans lined up for the future.

“Opening something up with another person maybe doing an all female barbershop because there are hardly any females that know how to do fades and stuff so I think that’d be really cool,” said Torres.

Francisco Martinez feels the academy is the perfect fit for him.

“Back in high school sometimes you know I wouldn’t want to go to school but I like coming here it’s a nice environment, it’s fun, we learn,” said Martinez.

Just like Rosas, Martinez has always had a passion for styling hair.

“I’ve always had the interest in styling my hair when I was young I always wanted to do spikey hair or change my hair style do that type of stuff all the time so later on it just caught on with me that I wanted to try and cut hair,” said Martinez.

All students like Martinez will learn everything they need to take the state’s barber exam.

“We are teaching them a lot, how to cut hair as far as men’s hair cut and kids hair cuts but also women cut most barbers don’t know how to cut a lot of women’s hair or longer hair so they’re actually learning how to do longer hair and color,” said Rosas.

Rosas also gives back to the community, he offers free hair cuts for local students aside from having his academy Rosas also owns two barber shops.

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