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What you see today hasn’t always been Victory Enterprises. In fact, it used to be an elementary school.

Back when this building was a school, Kelli Grubbs started Victory Enterprises with her husband Steve Grubbs in the basement of their home in 1997. 

“When we started that, I was actually still working part time at the law firm that I was a partner at,” Grubbs said. “We had three kids at that point. I made the transition to retire from my law firm after my fourth child was born.” 

Grubbs says she’s fortunate to have a business journey work well with her family journey. 

“For me, it was really figuring out a balance where I can keep my kids as my primary focus during years that I was still working,” Grubbs said. 

After years of working and years of quickly outgrowing space, they landed at the school. But this isn’t any old elementary school. It’s the school Steve went to when he was a kid. 

“At that point, we’ve decided that we’ve had enough space,” Grubbs said. “One of the companies, Victory Store, we can actually start doing our own productions.” 

Production grew overnight… as big as the size of the cards they print. 

“We just kept adding on,” Grubbs said. “We put a couple of extra buildings up here to keep our production facilities next to our sales facilities.” 

Through coaching, being involved with non-profits and more, Kelli knows the importance of giving back to her community. 

“If you fortunate enough to have a successful business, you can give back to the community that has helped you succeed,” Grubbs said. 

Kelli encourages people — especially women — to go after their dreams but also figure out what their priorities are. 

“I have always told my daughter, ‘You can have everything. You just can’t have it all at the same time,'” Grubbs said.  

And know that it’s okay if those priorities change. 

“Keep your options open. You can find a path to really manage that balance.” 

As she walks through the halls of the former school, Kelli can’t help but reflect on a 30-year marriage with four wonderful kids. 

“I just think we’ve been incredibly blessed that we’ve been able to succeed in the places that really matter to us.” 

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