Celebrating Women: Y Quad Cities Rowing

Womens History

You can’t escape the whirring sound at the Bass Street Boat House when the Y Quad Cities Rowing team is training. 

“We do end up missing the water a lot being on the machines all season,” said rower Taylor English.

The athletes say erg machines can’t compare to being out on the open water, but the workout is just as hard.

“It hurts a lot, but you’re working toward something so it keeps you motivated,” Taylor said.

Hard work isn’t something the women’s quad team at Y Quad Cities Rowing is afraid of. 

Last July, they became the first overseas team to win the Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup and at the Henley Royal Regatta in England.

“We would always see the pictures on the walls and I always thought like, ‘Oh I want to be one of them,’ and it happened,” said rower Emma Mask.

The quad has also won the national championship five years in a row.

“Our club’s known for really good female rowers and I think we all we kind of have an expectation of just our girls work really hard — and our guys — but we just have a really competitive girls team and we like to make each other stronger,” Delaney Evans said.

Delaney, Taylor and Emma were all in the winning boat at henley, but this is Brenna Morley’s first year in the quad. 

The young women train twice a day.

“We push ourselves to the limit every day and we work as hard as we can and our hard work has really paid off,” Emma said.

This practice the rowers are gearing up for the QC Erg Showdown. 

On race day, the athletes focus on their goal. Taylor says it’s not their wins that make them great. It’s how they come back from a loss. 

“Not every practice and race goes well and I think our ability to keep going and not give up when things don’t go our way and keep fighting for what we want makes us strong,” Taylor said.

This time that strength is enough to get them across the finish line first once again.

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