Local Four News is trying to bring awareness to help find missing children in the Quad Cities. In part two of our “Hold My Child Again” series we highlight 15 year old girl Lyric Williams, who has been missing from Galesburg since March.

Lyric ran away and was last seen at Galesburg High School the morning of March 2nd. Her mother, Robin Melton is a mother of four girls. Lyric is her third child.

“Lyric is. She’s been a great kid. Very outgoing, social, couldn’t get her to shut up ever. She always wanted to do everything, wanted to be involved with everything. I used to call her Miss Busy.”

Lyric ran away in March and has been missing ever since.

“I just I can’t believe this is happening. I miss her, I love her. I wish she could come home safely.”

Melton says that things changed when Lyric started dating someone new.

“Before that things were great. She was home, doing good, going to school and then all of a sudden she was just gone.”

But then it started getting worse and Melton thinks that some people that are involved with her boyfriend might have something to do with the current situation.

“She’s been involved with some not so good people. So I think they have a lot of involvement in it. I think she’s scared. I think she wants to come home.”

The Galesburg Police Department are hoping for the same thing and Police Chief Russell Idle says they are actively looking for Lyric.

“We’re having conversations with people in the public who might have information as to where she’s at, doing neighborhood canvasses, knocking on doors and trying to make contact with people that we know have had recent contact with her, and gathering information as we can.” Said Idle. “We all know that the best place for a child to be is with their parents so we’re actively looking for her hopefully to bring her home safely to her mother.”

Lyric ran away before, but she was only gone for nine days from late February into early March. Police say she was hiding out with another family. When Lyric returned, she left after one day.

“This time we have reason to believe she’s been in and out of the state. We have no information from the last time, but obviously we can’t be sure of that.”

It’s been a long five months without a word. Melton is doing also doing what any mother would do to try and bring their child home.

“Putting it out there on social media, Facebook, sharing posters, talking with people. I’ve definitely trying to push the police to do more.” Said Melton. “My family really misses her and it’s bringing us all closer that’s for sure you know to try and get her back home.”

Galesburg’s Police Chief warns anyone who’s harboring Lyric can be arrested and prosecuted.