UPDATE: Over four months after being reported missing, Jasmine Pickett has been found.

EARLIER UPDATE: Local Four News is trying to bring awareness to help find missing children in the Quad Cities. In part three of our “Hold My Child Again” series we highlight 14-year girl Jasmine Pickett, who has been missing from Princeton since June.

Her mother, Laura Clausen is a mother of three girls. Her oldest, 14 year old Jasmine is a missing runaway. She misses Jasmine very much

“She is a very outgoing child. She loves sports. Volleyball is her main sport that she loves. She is a very active child. She likes to take bike rides and to be outside playing with her younger sisters.”

Jasmine ran away at the end of June, but returned home shortly after. However she was only back for a week before she left again.

“When I woke up I found her bed empty and my kitchen window open of course I went into a panic because we just got her home from the first time.”

A sea of emotions kicked in when she realized Jasmine ran away again.

“When I found her not in the bed it was one of those… basically rip your heart out because we didn’t know why.”

Clausen says she saw no warning signs that anything was wrong.

“She acted normal. There was no reason to believe that she was going to go missing again.”

She says Jasmine being gone has taken its toll on the family, especially her other two daughters.

“My 12 year old, she wears a heart on her sleeve so she kind of tears up a lot. My 11 year old was looking forward to a lot of things this summer. She was gonna work on her with volleyball and basketball and all of that.”

Adding to Clausen’s concern is her safety due to COVID-19 and the storms that recently caused destruction in the area.

“I don’t know if she’s got power, if she’s got running water or anything to that extent.”

Clausen does have a message for Jasmine and hopes she returns home soon.

“Jas we love you. We really would love for you to be home”