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We work directly with homeowners, landlords, banks, realtors, and all other energy customers. We can provide solar power that meets whatever your needs are. Reducing utility bills by hundreds of dollars a month.

We care about building a renewable energy future. Join the growing collection of customers who are proud to be generating pure, clean solar power. Solar is far cleaner than coal power. Rest easy knowing that your power is coming from a reliable, safe source. Get solar panels installed on your home or business today.   

We believe we can make a difference in this world, making a cleaner and less polluted Earth. We have been burning coal and oil for years, releasing pollutants into the air that we all breathe and harming our environment worldwide. Instead of coal and oil, we believe in safe, natural solar power. In the modern age, we have discovered compounds that when exposed to sunlight can produce electricity, and we need to move to a full universal adoption of this technology.  Only when the last tree has been cut and the last river poisoned, we will come to know that we cannot eat money and we can’t breathe coal ash. This beautiful earth needs to be treated with more respect. Do the Right Thing by installing solar panels and reducing your reliance on harmful coal energy. – Lucas, Iowa Solar

Why are Iowans going solar?

With uncertainties in global markets regarding oil supply, natural gas, and other forms of electricity, now more people than ever are choosing to go solar. Iowa communities are often powered by power plants run on oil, natural gas, or coal, but solar by comparison generates no ongoing pollution. Iowans can enjoy cleaner air and a healthier community by choosing to go solar. There are also significant cost savings with going solar. Solar installations can cost anywhere from $3 to $4 per watt installed, or less if you find the right installation company like Iowa Solar, who is known for being one of the most cost effective solar installers around. Solar power can save the average home customer up to $500 per month off their monthly electric bill thanks to generating your own power.

What kinds of installations can Iowa Solar do?

Iowa Solar handles all kinds of solar installations, including residential and commercial installations all the way up to utility scale solar to power a small city. Quad City residents can rely on Iowa Solar to provide an accurate and fast quote for the cost of installing solar on their home rooftop or a backyard ground mount installation. Most homes in the Quad Cities area are built tough with strong roofs that are easily able to support the minimal weight load added by installing solar panels.

Is solar affordable?

For customers to choose solar, this new alternative energy option usually needs to offer a savings versus your current electric bill, and solar usually does. In nearly all cases, solar power is cheaper than grid-based electric power! The key is in recent technological advancements that make solar panels harness as much as 20% of the energy output from the sun, converting this energy into usable 120 volt electricity. Solar power interoperates with your grid-based electrical connection so that you don’t have to purchase expensive battery backups, which makes a solar-powered home cheaper than just a utility-grid powered home. Solar installations can save homeowners substantial money, plus they often add to the value of the home when it is sold. Also it is now possible to get a 20 year loan at a low 4% to 5% interest rate that will pay for solar and could cost less than what you are paying now on your electric bill. You get the advantage of going green and enjoying clean energy while saving money and enjoying peace of mind at the same time.

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