John Deere Classic 2022 Volunteer Chairman Pat Eikenberry and Executive Director Clair Peterson were on hand at the John Deere Pavilion in downtown Moline to announce the total charity contributions from this year’s John Deere Classic golf tournament in July. This year’s contributions set a new record with $13,908,668, beating the previous record of $13,819,154, which was set in 2019.

“The John Deere Classic is thrilled not only to announce a charity total of just under $14 million but also that Birdies for Charity will pay a 7% bonus to our 481 participating charities,” said executive director Clair Peterson. “As always, we are thankful to our fans, John Deere, other corporate partners and local family foundations for their ongoing generosity and support of Birdies for Charity. John Deere takes pride in its unique position as a civic leader and nowhere is that leadership more apparent than in its support of our charity initiatives.”

The 2022 John Deere Classic raised $13,908,668.00 in charity contributions (photo: Bryan Bobb)

 The $13.9 million total works out to approximately $37 for each of the Quad Cities’ 375,000 residents, making the John Deere Classic the No. 1 in per capita contributions on the regular PGA TOUR, a distinction it has held for over a decade. Over $159 million has been raised by the tournament since it was founded in 1971 and more than 98% of that amount has been raised since John Deere assumed title sponsorship in 1998.

Five donors correctly guessed the exact number of birdies recorded at the tournament (2,041) for a chance to win a two-year lease on a car from Smart Lexus of Quad Cities. Ken Goddard of DeWitt had the key that started the car and won a two-year lease on a Lexus RX350.

Ken Goddard with the winning keys to the Birdies for Charity car. (Jeff Cook,