Three-time PGA tour winner shares life saving fitness journey to inspire

John Deere Classic

SILVIS, Illinois- The John Deere Classic brings in hundreds of inspirational players to the course but one is sharing his life saving fitness journey with Local 4 News.

Three-time PGA tour winner Scott Stallings had to turn his world upside down after his doctor told him he’d die unless he made changes to his diet.
Ever since, the golfer has been sharing his story in hope of saving others.

“Is been something i’ve been wanting to do since i was a little kid and i feel blessed to be out here every single day.”

Scott Stallings has been in the game for over 30 years. His first professional tournament was in 2007 at the Knoxville open.
But in 2015 something didn’t feel right– so he sought out help from doctors.
One had with bad news.

“He sat me down and the first thing he said, “i can tell you one thing, you’re not going to die.”” and that’s when my jaw hit the floor and it was just the realization of i have something significantly more wrong with me than i thought,” shares the professional golfer.

Stallings was suffering from functional narcolepsy and acute fatigue. He says it was all tied to some bad habits saying, “poor rest, poor recovery, poor diet.”

Stallings says he’d drink a minimum of ten doctor peppers a day.
The image of his family is what got him to change his ways.”Golf wasn’t a very big priority. You know my health and being there for my family, my wife and my kids.”

He changed his training, eating and sleeping habits, saying its made him a better player. He shares the instrumental life lessons he’s learned. “There are two things you can control every single day. Your attitude and your effort and rents due on both every single day. Pay the amount.”

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