Janet Stoefen has eight kids — six of them are dogs.
She’s a nurse by day and by night.  Stoefen has been a hospital nurse for almost 40 years.
“It’s just like if you deal with a child or a child who couldn’t tell you what was going on,” Stoefen said. “You just pay attention to how they are acting and what they’re doing. You just pay close attention and use your assessment skills like I do at the hospital and just figure out what’s going on.”
Nursing dogs back to health became part of her life after being diagnosed with cancer more than 20 years ago.
She says the dog helped her heal.
Today, Stoefen has six greyhound racing dogs in various stages of rehab.
“We get puppies occasionally that are injured or they just won’t run,” she explained. “They just don’t have that prey  – that drive to race.”
Stoefen continued, “The most I’ve ever had at one time was twelve … generally I just have two or three fosters.”
After spending hours at work helping others, Stoefen comes home to help her dogs.
“My nursing with humans has transferred over to be able to help the animals too and it’s just very rewarding,” she said.
Janet appreciates greyhound racing. In fact, she considers racing natural for the greyhound breed.
“It’s like any athlete there’s injuries that occur with that and if you count the hundreds of dogs that are racing in Florida, in Iowa, in the different states, it’s a small percentage of injuries.”
“They are 45-mile-an-hour couch potatoes and they are not hyper dogs,” she said.
“I just love them,” Stoefen said. “They are just full of unconditional love and if I have a busy night at work, I can just come home and they are wonderful. Just make beautiful pets.”