Painted rocks are a national trend now making an appearance in the Quad Cities.

A local family started #IGOTROCKEDQC as a way to spread joy and kindness to others. 

A family trip brought the idea to light.

Now Kayla Ulfig and her family have made it their mission to bring as much joy to the Quad Cities with painted rocks as the colorful creations have brought their family. 

“My family and I went on a family trip to Daytona on Vacation and down there they do it all over the county,” said Kayla Ulfig, founder of #IGOTROCKEDQC. “They had such a great time finding rocks and painting rocks and hiding rocks that we decided to bring it back here.” 

It all started with 30 rocks and a Facebook page. Now #IGOTROCKEDQC has grown, adding many new members and over 200 rocks all around the city. 

But why painted rocks?  

“Painting the rocks is something that we all can do and it keeps us active in the community,” said Ulfig. “Being active and being out there and being a part of something bigger than yourself is definitely a lesson I want my kids to learn.”

Ulfig and her family hope the number of participants and the number of rocks in the Quad Cities continues to rise.

If you want to get involved, the process is simple. Sit down with your family, paint one, two or 20 rocks and drive around hiding them in parks, on the sidewalk or anywhere you think others will find them. 

That’s the goal: for others to see your rocks, smile, and spread the joy to others. 

“My goal is to spread happiness and kindness and show people that just because I don’t know you doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.” Says Ulfig, “I want to bring a smile to someone random’s face.”

Finding the rocks is just as fun as hiding them for the kids, but for the parents, they see the wide spread participation and know the rocks are spreading smiles way beyond just their children.

“Get involved. It is a fun and inexpensive activity to do with your kids,” said participant Michelle Schultz. “Then you can spread the joy and your artistic rocks throughout the community for others to find.”

The family is hoping to teach a valuable lesson to their children: The importance to giving to your community. But beyond painting and hiding, the kids also know it’s about bringing joy to others. 

“It’s fun to hide them and, like, go back there and not see them anymore and know somebody found it,” said Torri Ulfig.  

“It spreads happiness and kindness all though the Quad Cities,” said Niki Ulfig.

If you find a rock, don’t forget to post it on the #IGOTROCKEDQC Facebook page. 

“If you find a rock you can either keep it or re-hide it,” said Kayla Ulfig. “But we really want you to take a picture of it and share it online so whoever made the rock and hid it can see that you found the rock and liked it.” 

Because spreading kindness and most importantly joy is the ultimate goal.