Our Mission’s #1 goal is to bring families together and exceed all of your expectations.

We are a locally owned and family-operated business that started in the 2-car attached garage of our home in 1979. Nobody expected us to make it! After a few years, we had grown to the point that we needed more space, so we moved into our first retail location, 1800 sq. ft. on Hickory Grove Road. What a huge step for us! A few years later, we moved to North Brady Street, and we thought that would be our last move – 10,000 sq. ft. – how could we possibly fill all that space? We spent about ten years at that location, adding yearly to our product line.

Initially, we just offered in-ground pools. The above ground pools and spas came next, followed closely by billiards, saunas, tanning beds, patio furniture, and bars and bar stools. Our location became overloaded, and we think our final move is here, 4114 North Brady Street in Davenport, just north of Toys R Us, near Brady and Kimberly Road.

We have watched our families grow and thrive in the Quad City environment. What a great choice we made in 1979! We want to thank the Quad Cities for a great 40 years, and our family is committed to continue giving you the best products and values for the next 40 years!

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