Dr. William Olson, FACS, a board‐certified surgeon, established Simply Vein to provide the highest‐quality care in minimally invasive treatment for varicose and spider veins in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.

For all of the complications and discomfort that vein issues can cause, Dr. Olson assures us that the treatment is surprisingly simple. Initial diagnosis involves a simple exam by a physician, followed by an in-office ultrasound that measures blood vessel diameter and visualizes the presence of venous reflux (the backwards flow of blood). After this initial consultation, a course of treatment is recommended and Dr. Olson discusses with the patient a plan of treatment to fit their needs. Since venous insufficiency is a medical condition and not only a cosmetic issue, most insurers generally cover a recommended course of treatment.

Even when the majority of symptoms have disappeared, patients return to monitor their condition at the one month, six month, and twelve-month intervals (or immediately if symptoms return) to ensure that symptoms are being addressed appropriately and the course of treatment is having the intended outcomes. Thankfully, there is a very low complication rate with all of the methods to treat venous insufficiency.

There’s no reason to hide behind long, loose pants in the hot weather. Don’t suffer another night laid up with the heating pad and compression stockings. Relief from venous insufficiency at Simply Vein begins with a call — it’s that simple.

Our mission is simple: legs that not only feel better, but look better too. Dr. Olson is an expert in diagnosing and treating vascular and vein disease.

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