Theisen’s has been serving communities in Iowa for over 90 years and in 2016 we began to serve the people of Davenport and local surrounding areas. It has been our privilege to invest in our Quad City neighbors by not only providing a variety of name brands across nine categories, but we also support many local organizations and groups with the hope of building a stronger community.

Fall Grass Seed Planting

Planting grass seed in the fall will help to promote a thicker, greener yard next spring. Planting in the fall is ideal because the soil temperature is already warm from the summer heat, the moisture level in the soil is generally better for seed establishment and damage to new growth due to harsh heat is less likely. Another great reason to plant your grass in the fall is because many warm-season weeds and grasses like crabgrass, foxtail and more are out of season, thus giving you a better looking lawn. Weather it’s a new lawn or over-seeding an already existing lawn that is thin, fall has it all…for your lawn.

Theisen’s carries everything you’ll need to complete your grass seed project this fall. From seed, seed starting, straw, spreaders, sprinklers, hose and more, Theisen’s has your lawn covered from start to finish.

Make sure to visit your Theisen’s of Davenport at the corner of Brady and Kimberly.

Pet Food

Just like humans, pets can also have allergies to certain foods, with grains being one of them.

All kibbled food needs something to hold it together in the cooking process, which is commonly grains, such as corn, wheat or rice. Grain-free pet foods will use potatoes, beet pulp or chick peas to bind the kibble. We are now seeing many pet food vendors using Ancient Grains like sorghum, buckwheat, quinoa and chia in manufacturing.

The decision to feed your pet Grain-Free should be based on if your pet has an allergy to a certain grain. If you pet is allergic to it, find a food that does not contain it. Common signs of an allergy in a pet can be hot spots or excessive itching. Always consult your veterinarian if you have questions about your pet’s health.

Theisen’s strives to carry the very best brands and foods for your pet. When choosing a pet food, find a quality food and then rotate the protein source to give him or her a little variety. Chicken, beef, lamb and whitefish are the most common proteins used in pet foods.

Make sure to visit your Theisen’s of Davenport at the corner of Brady and Kimberly for all of your pet foods and needs.