Does the correction or "shock" hurt the dog?
No. That's a misconception. A major veterinary college has tested the Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment system and results show our product will not affect the dog's skin, heart or pulse rates.

Does the correction cause behavior problems?
No. The Invisible Fence® Brand solution conditioning techniques were developed with the aid of top veterinarians and certified dog behaviorists to ensure the system and subsequent training is safe and effective.

What does the correction feel like?
The Invisible Fence® Brand solution is not an electric fence. The patented Computer Collar® emits a mild correction - similar to what you feel from a common household static charge. The Invisible Fence® Brand solution is custom-designed to your dog's temperament, breed and personality.

How much does the Invisible Fence® Brand cost?
The price of the Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment system is only a fraction of the cost of other types or fencing. Most pet owners consider this a worthwhile investment in their property and their pet. Each solution is customized so there's 'standard' cost.

How long will the equipment last?
All equipment comes with a full one-year pet containment guarantee. Most of our equipment contains a lifetime guaranteee. Designed with dogs in mind, the equipment is all solid-state construction and will endure years of normal wear and tear.

Why are some solutions different prices?
Installation costs can vary depending on the size of the property, terrain situations, the number of dogs as well as the technology used. We will help you customize and determine which system will work best for you and your pet.

Is the electric wire safe to put in yards with children?
Absolutely. The wire carries a radio signal that produces a magnetic field lower than a television or a cell phone. The wire is designed to last many years and will not break by itself. However, if you break the wire accidentally while gardening, it's easy and inexpensive to repair.

Does the system interfere with radios, TV's, garage door openers or pacemakers?
No. The Invisible Fence® Brand solution is backed by more than 40 years of technological development. It has been designed to avoid these problems by using a pulsed radio signal that prevents interference with other electronic devices. The system is FCC certified.


Will a power failure affect the Invisible Fence® Brand system?
Most units come with a battery backup unit however dogs usually become so conditioned to the system that they don't realize the system is inactive. If you choose not to have a battery backup and the power outage lasts more than an hour or two, we recommend containing the dog by other means.

Does such a simple solution encourage irresponsible pet ownership?
Absolutely not. We would be thrilled if all pet owners spent the time and energy to train and care for their pets. Unfortunately, that is not the case. By safely containing their pets, pet owners can spend less time training and disciplining their pet and more time enjoying them.

Does this give pet owners a false sense of security that their pet behavior problems are solved?
No. We make it very clear that the Invisible Fence® Brand solution successfullly addresses only two aspects of pet behavior: Containment and avoidance. We recommend trainers and other professionals to address other behavioral problems.

Will the Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment system keep other dogs out of a "protected" property?
The system is not designed for that purpose. Like traditional fences, there is no guarantee that an animal won't wander onto your property if determined to do so. We believe each pet owner should take responsibility for his/her own dogs.

Since you can't see the Invisible Fence® Brand solution, could people become frightened when they see a "loose" dog?
Your Invisible Fence® Brand pet expert provides yard signs for pet owners to inform their neighbors and strangers that the dog is safely contained. The yard sign we provide serves as notification that there is a dog safely contained on the property.

How can the Invisible Fence® solution change a dog's behavior?
The Invisible Fence® Brand solution is not typical behavior training; it is proven classical conditioning that any dog will learn. Training and conditioning techniques were developed by top veterinarians and dog behaviorists. Installation includes owner training.

Can the Invisible Fence® Brand reveiver-collar be removed after the training is completed?
Dog conditioning requires reinforcement. After removing the collar, the dog may stay contained, but the pet may challenge the solution's boundaries. To maintain the conditioning, we recommend keeping the collar on.

Will the Invisible Fence® Brand solution prevent a dog in heat from leaving the property?
If a dog is properly trained and conditioned, it may approach the border but will not cross the pre-set boundaries. There is no guaranteee that another animal may not wander onto your property given the right stimulus. We recommend you do not leave a dog in heat outdoors unattended.


Will Invisible Fence® Brand products work for other animals?
The Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment system is recommended for dogs and cats but has been tested on other animals such as goats, sheep, donkeys and other animals that react favorably to conditioning.

I have heard of dogs that "get out". Is the system as effective as it appears?
We are the original, professionally installed containment solution. Invisible Fence® Brand has a 99.5% success rate of containing dogs of all breeds and personalities and provide tips on dog training and basic system maintence to help ensure its success.?

Do pet owners need to put all of their dogs on the Invisible Fence® Brand solution?
We recommend the system for those dogs that need to be contained however when dogs that are contained by our system see other dogs crossing the system's boundaries, they may become frustrated. Call for a free consultation.

Why choose a professionally installed system?
Local Invisible Fence® Brand pet safety experts are not only trained to install an electronic pet containment system safely and corerctly, they are specifically trained to work with your pet to make the system safe and effective. Our professionals are also available for any post-installation issues or maintenance.

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