“Cherry” is a delight – a look at a free-spirited young woman who finds herself with a very serious decision to make within 24 hours.

Often light-hearted, the movie never lets us forget that time is of the essence for Cherry (played wonderfully by Alex Trewhitt) who finds herself pregnant and unsure what to do.

Director Sophie Galibert takes us on a journey with Cherry as she seeks support and answers to questions.

Her future is more uncertain than it appears to be at first. Her boss, who runs a magic shop, is tired of how she constantly shows up late. He fires her, even through she begs him to reconsider.

While this very brief story unfolds, there’s no doubt you will think of someone you know who’s a lot like Cherry – always at loose ends, always needing a little help, and always charming throughout whatever troubles may come their way.

Cherry seeks a stable connection with everyone she encounters, whether it’s a roller-skating dance troupe of which she was part that’s about to hit the big time, or her boyfriend, who isn’t much more grounded than Cherry is, with a gig as a deejay at a roller rink.

Although Cherry loves her family, she just can’t share her dilemma with them.

Galibert and co-screenwriters Anne-Claire Jaulin and Arthur Cohen understand how conversations happen, and how dialogue can include a shrug or a sideways glance that are even more meaningful than the words involved.

Cherry as a character is exasperating, amiable and immature. She’s a 25-year-old who suddenly must grasp the concept of responsibility not only for herself but possibly for a child, too. She roller-skates everywhere, and that emphasizes her free-wheeling lifestyle that may be coming to an end.

This is one of the finest character studies set in modern times. It spotlights great talent I hope to see more of.

4 stars

Streaming on Apple TV+

Running time: One hour and 16 minutes.

Rated: Unrated, but similar to an “R” for foul language and other adult content.

Watch the trailer here.