Death comes for all of us. Often, it’s referred to as “the great unknown.”

It’s a common fear that many people would rather not ponder or discuss.

But the documentary “After Death” does just that, with great respect for the people featured here as they talk about their own deaths and their experiences in the afterlife … until they returned.

‘After Death’ (IMDb)

The people interviewed come from a variety of walks of life, Directors Stephen Gray and Chris Radtke found an interesting group that includes a cardiologist, a neurologist who recorded a patient’s brain activity post-death, and a pilot who was killed in a crash.

The deaths of the interviewees are dramatized, of course. But the people who recall their post-death experiences are the real deal and watching them share their sense of awe at what happened to them and their messages of hope is wonderful to behold.

Not all the stories are happy, although most of them are full of joy. One man remembers an especially troubling scenario that’s chilling to hear.

Many people talk about having their faith restored, or the course of their lives changed, after their return. Some talk about meeting God or Christ.

This film comes from Angel Studios, which produces inspirational, faith-based shows such as the hit “Sound of Freedom” and “The Chosen.”

Is this for skeptics? I’m not sure. This might challenge your perspective regardless of what you think about an afterlife.

Just a few years ago, I sat face-to-face with someone who had an after-death experience, and who told me in great detail about how beautiful it was. “I didn’t want to come back,” this person told me.

The people here echo those feelings, sometimes word for word.

The intense emotions of many of the experiences, and the descriptions of incredible environments people say they saw, brought tears to my eyes.

Go in with an open mind and heart, and let these stories move you.

3 ½ stars

Running time: One hour and 48 minutes.

Rated: PG-13 for adult content.

Only in theaters.

Watch the trailer here.