This little crowd-please has been around in theaters for quite a while. It continues to draw good word of mouth and happy audiences, so it deserves one more good review and a recommendation to see it on the big screen while you can.

“The Lost City” stars two appealing performers in a story that’s not quite old-school but almost. It’s almost, but not quite, a reboot of “Romancing the Stone” – it certainly shares its comedy/adventure/romance tone.

Sandra Bullock stars as a romance novelist Loretta, who makes a public appearance with Alan (Channing Tatum,) the cover model for her bet-selling books, which have exotic, well-researched settings.

The well-educated, reserved Loretta continues to mourn the death of her husband, who was an archaeologist.

Although the fans love Loretta’s books, it’s the hunky Alan they really clamor for.

Loretta, wearing a bright sequined outfit suitable for nearly any environment but a jungle, ends up being kidnapped by a villain (Daniel Radcliffe) and taken to an island. You already know who tries to save her, and that she and Alan will need to team up to solve various “Indiana Jones”-type mysteries and elude the wealthy criminal who is hunting them down.

Tatum and Bullock, who both have wonderful comedy chops, play off each other beautifully, from simple physical chemistry to the way their two characters think. For a few too-short minutes, Brad Pitt is on hand in a terrific role as a CIA operative.

The action is almost non-stop, the dialogue is mostly witty, and the soundtrack adds a lot to the fun, from Spandau Ballet’s “True” to Europe’s “Final Countdown.”

It’s pure escapist entertainment.

3 stars

Running time: One hour and 52 minutes.

Rated: PG-13 for violence, bloody images, suggestive dialogue, partial nudity and foul language.

At Cinemark, Davenport; Regal, Moline and Palms 10, Muscatine;  and streaming on Paramount Plus.

Watch the trailer here.