The QC Environmental Film Series gives you a chance to observe Earth Day weekend with your family while you learn about the devastating effects of plastic on our planet.

“Microplastic Madness” is a documentary about children, teachers, and scientists and how they worked together to learn and make a difference. It’s the story of 56 fifth-graders from P. S. 15 in Red Hook, Brooklyn, who took action about plastic pollution in their communities and school.

​“We took community action,” one child proudly says.

There’s something endearing about watching the exuberance of a group of young learners. Here, their teachers share a common enthusiasm for teaching the students about microplastics and the threat they pose to humankind and our very world.

Microplastics, incidentally, are tiny pieces of plastic debris in the environment that come from the disposal and breakdown of industrial waste and consumer products, from textiles to trash we see every day in our streets and, unfortunately, our water.

We learn right along with the students about how the animals that populate the Earth – and we, too – eat, drink and breath plastic every day. Just about every piece of plastic begins as a fossil fuel. At each stage of the plastic “life cycle,” greenhouse gases are emitted.

You can see the concern on the faces of the children, and the pride they take while they focus on ways to dispose of plastic consumption in their own lives and their school.

The student narration is mixed with scenes of scientists and teachers talking, along with colorful, engaging and easy-to-understand animation that drives home the concepts.

It’s a film that will make you look differently at that bottled water you may be consuming as you read this.

For more about the movie, including learning resources and ways you can take action, visit here.

3 ½ stars

Running time: One hour and 19 minutes.

2 p.m. Sunday, April 24, at the Figge Art Museum, 225 W. 2nd St., Davenport.

Admission: $5 at the door.

Unrated, but suitable for all audiences.

Sponsors of the QC Environmental Film Series include The Singh Family Foundation, River Action, Nahant Marsh, Sierra Club, and the Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities.

Call River Action at 563-322-2969 for more information.