Chris Pine and Ben Foster are intriguing actors – especially so when they appear together.

They both appeared in “The Finest Hours” and “Hell or High Water” (both terrific  – please see them soon if you haven’t already.)

Now they’re back together in the under-the-radar “The Contractor,” a solid actioner with just enough surprises to keep you guessing.

Pine plays Army Ranger James Harper, a medical sergeant who is dismissed from duty when, during a drug test, painkillers he takes for an old wound show up in a drug test.  

He still gets an honorable discharge, but now his health insurance and pension are gone.

Because he no longer can support his wife and son. He wrestles with his self esteem – he was brought up to serve in the military – while he tries to figure out how he’ll find a decent income. Eventually, James agrees to become a contractor, a hired gun for secret missions.

Ben Foster plays James’ good friend who, at one time, was James’ superior. Mike has a family, too, and is concerned for his son, who has special needs. He’s part of a group of men who work for secret operations run by a guy named Rusty (Kiefer Sutherland.)

James ends up with a team in Berlin, where the mission goes dreadfully wrong. Now James must try to stay alive while on the run to find out what his real purpose is.

This is a highly entertaining cast, which includes the recognizable British actor Eddie Marsan (“Wrath of Man”) in a small, pivotal role.

The pacing is great, with action that’s almost non-stop and some terrific sequences that will keep you guessing and rooting for James.

Speaking of which: This film is for fans of the Bond series and “Transporter” movies. Enjoy.

3 stars

Rated: R for violence and foul language.

At Cinemark, Davenport; and for rent or purchase on Apple TV+.

Running time: One hour and 43 minutes.