160 new jobs coming to the Rock Island arsenal


160 new jobs are coming to one of the Quad Cities largest employers.
The Civilian Human Resources agency hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday morning at the Rock Island Arsenal.

“The Rock Island arsenal continues to be identified as a great place within the Department of Army and now even outside the Department of Army like the Department of Defense to put jobs, to put mission, a large part of that draw is the people,” said Civilian human resources agency director Nancy Lane.

The new employees will work in a building that will undergo renovations.

“A lot of folks don’t really realize how much of the human resources work we do,” Lane said. “We are a regional center here, we have about 450 employees and we will be adding the other 160,” she said.

The employees will provide human resource functions for the department of defense education activity, oe of two federally operated school systems.

“Department of Army has about 250,000 civilians and we provide support to about 50,000 of those right now, then we’re adding another 15,000 with DODEA,” Lane said. “We have a huge human resources footprint for the Department of Army and now some other department of defense activities here at the Rock Island Arsenal,” said Lane.

Lane said it’s important to continue to bring jobs and opportunities to the Quad Cities.

“We have had a long standing record of attracting and retaining really high quality employees which is part of the reason why  we got this work transfer with DODEA so it’s definitely going to be nice paying jobs pouring money into the community,” said Lane.

Adding to the positive reputation the community has.

“The people here are known for a hard work ethic,” said Lane. “We are able to recruit and retain a high quality workforce and so the Rock Island Arsenal continues to be an extremely viable military installation throughout the department of defense,” she said.

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) is responsible for all education programs, pre-k through 12th grade for the schools that all military children attend in 11 different countries and seven states.

Some of the positions will be current employees, others will be new hires.

11 of those positions have already been filled.

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