$25,000 grant buys three new thermal cameras for Davenport Fire Department


New technology in the Davenport Fire Department could help save lives.

Firefighters now have three new thermal imaging cameras they can use to find people in a burning building. They also show hidden hot spots firefighters can’t see. 

Each of those new cameras costs about $8,000, according to Assistant Fire Chief Robb Macdougall, and that was a price tag the city couldn’t afford right now. 

So the department applied for and was awarded a $25,000 grant from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

Because they got the grant, the department is getting the cameras much sooner than expected.

“The capital improvement budget for the City of Davenport, like every budget, is very taxed,” Macdougall said. “So if we can help that out it really moves things forward for the city and for the department.”

This is not the first time they’ve turned to grants to buy new equipment. Macdougall says last summer a grant helped them buy new self-contained breathing apparatuses. 

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