After months of debate, the LeClaire City Council unanimously approved a plan to build a Kwik Star. Local 4 News has followed this story since the beginning. 

People living there didn’t want the city to re-zone the lots at Cody and Eagle Ridge Roads to allow for the convenience store, but now those changes are official.  

While there wasn’t any discussion from the public on the plans Monday night, the city council meeting had a tense start with three members of the Planning and Zoning Commission resigning. 

In January, the commission voted against the Kwik Star plans four to three. 

“With great regret, effective immediately, we are resigning our positions on the LeClaire Planning and Zoning Board,” former commissioner Barb Ritter read from the resignation letter signed by Cheryl Allbee, Erica Smith and herself. 

The resignation came just minutes before the city council gave their final approval to re-zone for Kwik Star.

“It has become apparent that the council sees no value in the rulings of its board, of its other boards, and frankly we do not need to waste our valuable, personal time being disregarded,” Ritter read. 

Mayor Ray Allen said the board only serves in an advisory position. Since their vote was so close, it was the council’s duty to look at it closer. 

“I’m sorry they feel the way they do. I’m sorry to see them resign as a result of it, but that’s the way it is,” Allen said.

Lawyer Mike Meloy represents the residents opposing the plans. He said they are considering their legal options. Allen said he hopes it doesn’t come to a court battle over the Kwik Star.

“It’s the end as long as they don’t decide to sue the city and that may happen. I hope it doesn’t,” he said. “I really do believe that the people who live closest to it are going to be OK with it once they see how it turns out. I sure hope so. I wouldn’t have recommended it if I didn’t feel that way, regardless of whether it was good for the city or not.”

Tonight a representative for the new Kwik  Star said they plan to be an active member of the LeClaire community. The company will also be financing a turning lane near the intersection.