All bets could be off for future Supreme Court appointments after replacing RBG

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GOP push to fill seat could open the door to stacking the court

The latest Supreme Court fight could set the stage for more changes down the line and a lack of pandemic relief brings a warning from Illinois’ governor.

We talked about these topics and then some on this week’s 4 The Record with Scott County Republican Party Chair David Millage and former Rock Island Mayor Mark Schwiebert, a Democrat.

Pandemic relief

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker warns state agencies could have their budget cuts by 5 percent this year and 10 percent next year if there’s no federal pandemic relief for state and local governments.

That resistance in Congress comes from the Senate. There is a bipartisan effort in the house.

Schwiebert and Millage addressed what they think is the reason for reluctance to do more for the states and what they think it will take to break the logjam.

Supreme Court

The death of Surpeme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg set off more rancor among Democrats and Republicans.

Senate Republicans plan to seize the opportunity to tilt the court more to the right and break their own rule they set four years ago: “No hearings for Supreme Court nominees during an election year.”

Democrats cry hypocrisy and double standard. Republicans justify the move saying the Democrats would do it.

Millage and Schwiebert debated what it means for future nominees to the court and if it means all bets are off and Democrats will be more motivated to stack the court if they win the Senate.

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