There’s a lot of talk about money in all of the Quad Cities these days.

All five of them have millions of dollars to spend, coming their way from the federal government courtesy of the American Rescue Plan adopted by Congress earlier this year.

Bettendorf city leaders are focused on public safety and downtown development regardless of this money.

The federal government limits how it can be spent on things like infrastructure and helping businesses recover from the pandemic.

The city has plans to hire six more firefighters if it gets a federal grant to do it and business development continues to get attention, whether it’s downtown around the new Interstate 74 bridge project or to the north near the TBK Bank Sports Complex.

that area continues to grow.

Money from the American Rescue Plan varies widely among the Quad Cities.

Bettendorf will get $5 million, Davenport has $41 million headed its way, Rock Island $27.5 million, Moline $20 million, and East Moline about $2.5 million.

Bettendorf’s roughly $5 million is much less than three of its QC counterparts, however, millions of dollars are nothing to sneeze at for any city getting money from the American Rescue Plan.

Bettendorf Mayor Bob Gallagher joined this week’s 4 The Record for a conversation.

Gallagher addressed if there was any disappointment knowing that Davenport, Rock Island and Moline got a lot more money, what preferences he has for use of the money and what big infrastructure projects Bettendorf already has in the works this year that are separate from the American Rescue Plan.

We’ve talked in the past about the vacant land across the street and across Interstate 80 from the sports complex.

There have only been vague ideas about what could happen there.

Gallagher discussed if that picture has become any clearer, when he thinks we’ll see definitive plans and if he has any realistic expectations about what will be built.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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