This is the time of year when mayors around the area deliver their State of the City Addresses.

Bettendorf Mayor Bob Gallagher gave his about a week and a half ago. Gallagher indicated the city is on strong financial ground during his speech at the Waterfront Convention Center.

He reinforced Bettendorf’s ongoing goals for efficient and valuable economic development, a focus on the riverfront and downtown to make them destinations for entertainment and to live, as well as help existing businesses grow and to attract new businesses.

Some quick highlights: Bettendorf has one of the lowest general fund levies, the city’s investment in upgrades to police body cameras, and voters can expect to decide whether to invest in a new pool on the ballot in the fall.

There are also revenue challenges for the city from new tax laws adopted in Des Moines.

Bettendorf’s mayor follows his tradition of maintaining an optimistic outlook for his city.

“We’ve been very financially solid for a number of years,” Gallagher said. But “We are already down about $1.2 million in revenue to the city of Bettendorf as a result of two bills that passed through the Iowa Legislature already this year.”

To hear what else Gallagher has to say, click on the video.

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