Public schools in Iowa will get a bigger increase in the budget than they’ve seen in recent years. And President Biden delivered his second State of the Union Address in a night filled with promises and rumblings.

We go over that with former Scott County Democratic Party Chair Elesha Gayman and former Iowa Republican Party Chair Steve Grubbs.

The President pushed a lot of things in his current agenda, focusing on an economic priority for government projects to use materials made in the United States, calling on Congress to pass a billionaire minimum tax of 15 percent, and he emphasized police reform, including more money to increase training while holding officers to higher standards.

A lot of what the President wants requires bipartisanship with a divided Congress.

With our panelists, we discuss positive takeaways from the State of the Union Address.

“I think he definitely hit the right tones …. I’m really excited to see about his willingness to work across the aisle,” Gayman said.

“If there’s anybody who knows how Congress works, it’s a guy who’s there for 40 years,” Grubbs said. “I would like to see him do something on immigration reform.”

To hear what else our panelists say, click on the video.

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