Biden needs to be flexible on Afghanistan withdrawal

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Commitment to pullout of wartorn country complicated by airport bombing

A loss for the Biden administration at the hands of the Supreme Court.

A win for the president comes from Democrats in Congress willing to spend a lot of money and the White House struggles to make the best of a bad situation in Afghanistan.

We got to all of that on this week’s 4 The Record with Scott County Republican Party Chair Jeanita McNulty and Democratic Political Consultant Porter McNeil.


Evacuations of thousands of Americans and Afghans continued.

However, Americans in Afghanistan are being told not to go to the airport over security concerns with the Taliban in control.

Now there’s a deadly bombing outside the airport.

Let’s be clear: Leaving Afghanistan was always going to be a messy situation — the other option would be to stay there forever — but did the Biden administration misjudge how big of a mess this would be?

McNeil and McNulty addressed that question and if the president needs to show flexibility with its August 31 deadline to have everyone out of the country.


A win for the president came on Capitol Hill when the House of Representatives adopted the infrastructure plan and passed a $3.5 trillion budget resolution.

This spending includes a lot of pet projects Democrats like in terms of social programs.

The move by the House clears the way for that big spending package to be adopted through the reconciliation process.

We all know Democrats like it and Republicans don’t.

McNulty and McNeil discussed what this means politically for the president and how much this issue and Afghanistan factor into next year’s midterm elections.

Supreme Court

This week the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Biden administration when it comes to immigration policy at the border with Mexico.

A 6-3 vote highlights the strong conservative majority on the bench.

President Biden issued an executive order to reverse a Trump administration policy that required people seeking asylum in the United States to stay in Mexico while their cases are pending.

However, the court said not so fast and reinstated the remain in mexico policy implemented by the Department of Homeland Security in early 2019.

McNeil and McNulty addressed if this conservative court can debilitate this administration by ruling on legal challenge after legal challenge.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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