Biden’s late campaign finance lead might not mean much for electoral map

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President Trump cutting back on TV ads in battleground states

Supporters of the conspiracy theory QAnon not only grow online, but also politically and in government, campaign spending for the presidential election takes a surprising turn and the former governor of Iowa leaves his post as the ambassador to China for the Trump administration.

Those topics were up for discusson this week on 4 The Record with former Iowa Republican Party Chair Steve Grubbs and former AFSCME Local 46 President Gregg Johnson.


We learned last weekend former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is leaving his job as the U.S. Ambassador to China.

The Trump administration asked him to step down and help with the campaign.

Branstad was touted being among the best appointments by the president for his relationship with China’s president.

However, that seemed to weaken with the implementation of tariffs on Chinese goods.

Branstad was not considered a big player in the trade policy.

Some analysts say he was not used like most ambassadors.

Johnson and Grubbs weigh in on if they thought Branstad was used effectively and what could have been done differently given the history with the Chinese president.

Election ads

You can’t underestimate the importance of money in elections.

A lot of people are following the money in the presidential race.

President Trump is now cutting back on TV ads.

He spent a lot of money early and now trails Joe Biden in cash on hand.

The ad-tracking company Advertising Analytics indicates Biden is spending more than the president in battleground states like Wisconsin, Florida and Arizona.

Trump has suggested he could inject $100 million of his own money.

Grubbs and Johnson discussed how significant these developments are and what it means for the electoral map.

Rise of QAnon?

One of the more unusual political developments this year is the rise of QAnon, specifically some Republican candidates who embrace the conspiracy theory that basically asserts devil worshippers are trafficking kids for sex around the world and that they’re working to undermine President Trump.

And that he’s fighting them.

None of this is factual.

NBC News reports there are millions of followers online.

Now some Republican politicians are embracing the conspiracy and winning.

Marjorie Taylor Greene won the Republican primary for a congressional seat from Georgia. That virtually assures she will win in november.

We saw the Republican leadership render Steve King powerless for his repeated racist statements.

Johnson and Grubbs addressed what this means for American government and how they think the party should or will respond to this.

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