Biden’s stay-the-course approach with fed draws praise despite progressive opposition

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Jerome Powell's nomination to 2nd term as fed chair seen as steady force to manage inflation

Iowa’s governor is under scrutiny again for the way her administration handles federal money.

The governor in Illinois has signed a new law to make it easier to find out who is making political donations.

And President Biden gives a vote of confidence to the federal reserve chair during a period of inflation.

We get to all of that with Democratic political consultant Kevin Perkins and former Iowa State Rep. David Millage.

“I think this really is a prudent and wise move by the president,” Perkins said. “You do need some stability, particularly with COVID.”

“I believe it’s the right move to make,” Millage said. “The progressives are wrong on this one.”

Hear what they think about theses issues, and more, in the video.

We’d like to know what you think, too, which brings us to our question of the week: What do you think about the new election law in Illinois that requires the identification of political donors banning dark-money contributions? Let us know at

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