Big test looms for Pritzker’s agenda

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Here are some of the topics our panel discussed on 4 The Record this week.

+ No real progress on trade talks with China reverberate through Illinois and Iowa.

+ The Trump administration makes it a policy to ignore congressional subpoenas.

+ It’s make or break time for Illinois’ governor on his ambitious agenda.
All things to talk about on 4 the Record with Democratic political consultant Porter McNeil and Andrea Anderson, President of the Land of Lincoln Republican Women.

Pritzker’s agenda

Let’s begin with Illinois Governor JB Pritzker and his agenda.

Votes are expected soon on four key pieces of legislation with no assurances of enough Democratic support to pass despite holding supermajorities in both chambers.

They are his graduated income tax, major infrastructure program, legalizing sports wagering and the legalization of recreational marijuana.

McNeil and Anderson discussed how big of a test this is for the governor, what it means for his effectiveness as a leader if one, or all, don’t pass and how many of these he needs to consider it a success.


There’s no sign of movement toward a trade deal between the United States and China.
The president raised tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese products more than a week ago.

China retaliated by announcing plans to raise tariffs on $60 billion of American exports.

Farmers in Iowa and Illinois continue to be caught in the middle.
They’ve seen the price of their soybeans plummet.

A lot of them supported the president in the last election across the country.

Anderson and McNeil talked about how risky this continued strategy is to the president’s re-election bid and if he can afford to lose this support.

More candidates

There are now almost two dozen Democrats who hope that trade policy gives them the chance to beat the president next year.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio became the latest to get in the race this week.

That makes it 23 candidates.

Democrats lambasted the Republicans four years ago for having 17 candidates.

The shoe’s on the other foot.
McNeil and Anderson discussed if this makes the Democratic Party look bad and if it shows it’s desperately in search of a message and a true leader.

Ignoring subpoenas

Subpoenas are flying from democrats in the house of representatives to obtain things like the president’s financial records from banks, the president’s tax returns from the IRS and the unredacted version of the Mueller Report from Attorney General William Barr.

All of these are being ignored so far.

Democrats are floating terms like constitutional crisis.

Anderson and McNeil weighed in on how serious this is and what it says about the country’s system of checks and balances if these are allowed to be ignored with no repercussions.
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