We delve back into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination on this week’s 4 The Record.

So far the field is holding steady at 23. We’re focused on New Jersey Senator Cory Booker in this discussion.

He’s one of the bigger names in the race.

Booker was born in Washington D.C. and raised in New Jersey, earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford.

He’s a Rhodes Scholar who studied at Oxford and got his law degree from Yale.

Booker broke into politics when he won a seat on the Newark City Council in New Jersey in 1998.

He became the city’s mayor in 2006, then jumped to the U.S. Senate in 2013, a job he’s held ever since.

Booker’s pretty well-financed. He started the second quarter with more than $6 million in his campaign account.

Cory Booker is not your run-of-the-mill politician.

He once went on a 10-day hunger strike during his days on city council, he saved a woman from a burning building when he was mayor and once rescued a freezing dog.
The senator sat down with 4 The Record a week ago about some of the issues he proposes.
Strength of his party

This large field of Democrats running for president suggests to a lot of people the party lacks leadership and a unified message. There’s an argument within your party that this nomination process will be a battle between moderate viewpoints and socialism.

Booker responded to those ideas and explained how he sees himself along that spectrum and how he expects to win the nomination with so many candidates.

The issues

It’s hard to distinguish the candidates on a lot of the issues, he signed on to Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, supports a $15 an hour minimum wage, immigration reform and more.
He has been pretty bold on a few things. One is gun control. He came up with a 14-point plan that includes universal background checks — that’s party line — banning assault weapons and requiring a gun license that would last for five years.

Booker wants handgun microstamping to make it easier to trace the ammunition to the gun used in crimes and he plans to increase funding for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

There’s more to this proposal, but those are some key points.
Booker explained passionately and in depth how this is a winning issue for him, considering Americans — including a lot of Democrats in the Midwest — are wary about gun-restrictions.

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