Bustos hopeful for bipartisanship on American Jobs Plan

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Congresswoman says every district needs infrastructure work

President Joe Biden and Democrats on Capitol Hill are tackling their next big piece of legislation.

That’s the $2.3 trillion American jobs plan.

It’s largely an infrastructure bill to put money into streets, bridges, highways, water systems, airports, broadband access, the electrical grid and green energy.

Democrats would pay for it by raising the federal corporate income tax rate to 28 percent.

Supporters maintain all that investment will generate a tremendous number of jobs and that the investment is overdue.

Civil engineers rate Illinois’ infrastructure as a C-minus.

Iowa gets a “C.”

Yet, this legislation is a tough road to hoe.

A proposal this large will need bipartisan support in the Senate.

Republicans already don’t like elements of the proposal like expanding long-term care under medicaid and policies that are pro-union, considered domestic issues unrelated to infrastructure.

Another partisan fight is taking shape over the American jobs plan.

The large price tag will be political fodder for Republicans.

It will be a big test for Democrats to get it to the president’s desk.

Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos is in the middle of that debate.

She joins us for a conversation this morning.

It’s nice to see you again.

There’s no denying this proposal brings a hefty price tag.

Some of this would be paid for by trying to raise taxes on corporations after the cuts adopted under the Trump administration.

Bustos addressed what she says to people who think it’s too expensive and the aspects of the plan that arguably don’t have anything to do with infrastructure — pro-union policies, bans on zoning that’s exclusionary and expanding long-term care under Medicaid — and how this is not an overreach by Democrats. Also: Won’t Democrats need Republican support or will Democrats try to push this through Congress using the reconciliation process?

Watch Bustos’ answer to that question and the full conversation in the video above.

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