Bustos says root causes need to be addressed on child migrant border problem

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Growing number of children showing up at Mexican border without parents

Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos joined this week’s 4 The Record. This is the second part of that interview.

Another issue that’s getting a lot of attention once again is the activity at the southern border with Mexico.

There are a growing number of underage migrants showing up without their parents.

Bustos discussed how this can be addressed effectively.

A lot of these kids are trying to avoid violence in their countries, poverty and hunger.

Some of the violence related to drug cartels that they’re trying to escape.

There’s an argument being made that U.S. policy, specifically the war on drugs only makes this problem worse.

Joe Biden’s been a supporter of it during his political career.

Bustos addressed if the war on drugs failed and if it is time for the United States and this president to abandon it.

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