Castro intends to beat Biden on issues, not Obama connection

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Julian Castro had been highest ranking Obama Administration candidate until Joe Biden joined campaign

Democrats by the dozen. That’s two dozen to be precise running for president in that party. It seems hard to believe the number got this high.

And that’s after Congressman Eric Swalwell dropped out of the race.

Former Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak and billionaire activist Tom Steyer launched their campaigns over the last three weeks.

This morning, we’re focused on Julian Castro.

He doesn’t exactly remember the Alamo, but he’s been there.

That’s because Castro was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.

He graduated from Stanford with a political science and communications degree and got his law degree from Harvard.

One interesting personal note: He has an identical twin Joaquin who serves in Congress.

Castro started his career in politics by becoming the youngest city council member in San Antonio history in 2001.

He went on to become San Antonio’s mayor in 2009.

A job he held for five years until President Obama asked him to join his cabinet as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for the second term of the administration.

Castro would be the first Latino-American president if elected.

He is the grandson of Mexican immigrants.

Immigration is a prominent issue in his campaign.

He’s 44 years old and one of the younger candidates seeking the White House.

I had a lengthy conversation with Castro. We started with some of the political challenges he needs to overcome to win the nomination.

Obama connection

At one point he were the most prominent member of the Obama administration in the race. He could try to campaign on his popularity.

Then came Joe Biden.

Castro addressed how much harder it is for him to capitalize on the Obama factor and how close he was to being Hillary Clinton’s choice as vice president in 2016.


Castro is making the claim that Democrats can win Texas.

Democrats have been making this promise for years now and come up short.

Any Democrat who can guarantee Texas wins the election based on electoral math. But Democrats can’t win a Senate race, so isn’t this just false hope?

Castro explained his position. Watch that answer and the rest of the conversation in the video above.

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