Davenport trying to be aggressive against gun violence

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Mayor Matson optimistic new crime analysts can pinpoint trends

So much attention everywhere right now focuses on the pandemic and that makes sense.

But we start with Davenport and issues that pre-date the pandemic. Chief among them: Gun violence.

Several times a week, guns are being fired somewhere in the Quad Cities — a lot of that in Davenport.

A couple of weeks ago, Mayor Mike Matson stood alongside Police Chief Paul Sikorski to go over the city’s approaches — things like bullet-tracing technology and a grant from the Department of Justice to hire crime analysts.

Mayor Mike Matson also made a big announcement when it comes to homelessness among veterans in the city.

In fact, he declared the community wiped it out through a collaboration with different shelter programs and government agencies.

They identified veterans and put a roof over their heads.

That’s just a sample of what’s going on in the city.

Mayor Mike Matson joined this week’s 4 The Record for a conversation.

We’ve seen the impact of the gun violence in Davenport over the last few years.

It only seems to be increasing.

Matson made it a priority to address and are going after it with the police department.

A couple of years ago the city joined the national network that traces bullet shells to guns.

Matson mentioned the department’s new $700,000 grant from the Department of Justice to hire the crime analysts.

There’s now a push to get people who have their own security camera systems to register with the city. That’s so you can have an idea who might have video if a crime happens near them.

Matson shared how effective the changes have been so far, how he thinks the analyst information will be used to make a dent in the problem and what the response has been so far to the camera request, considering privacy concerns.

Watch the video above for the full conversation.

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