Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms joined this week’s 4 The Record. This is the second part of that interview.
The city council’s held early talks about what to do with $27.5 million coming from the federal government in the American Rescue Plan.

City Manager Randy Tweet got the OK to explore hiring a consultant to find out what the people of the city want to do with the money with a survey.

Thoms addressed how far along that process is and why the city can’t come up with its own survey rather than spend money on a consultant.

Thoms has come out in favor of infrastructure.
Rock Island is like a lot of cities in this country that need repairs to streets and sewer systems.
Thoms discussed why the city doesn’t just dedicate the money to that, starting with the places that need it the most.

People near the Watch Tower Plaza want a grocery store.

That’s been a challenge to come up with a deal.

It is a food desert. But other communities where that’s been a problem have found innovative solutions.
Detroit, for example, came up with a grocery co-op.

Thoms discussed if he’s considered that option and what the future might hold.

Watch the full discussion in the video above.

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