Democrat Andrew Yang’s new economy focused on human-centered capitalism

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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants to change the way we think as a society. He would try to throw out traditional economic thinking if elected.

This is the third part of 4 The Record’s conversation with Yang.

Human-centered capitalism

Yang proposes something considered a paradigm shift: Converting the emphasis of the economy to what he calls human-centered capitalism.

It’s the second of his big three policies. Medicare for all being the third. People have heard of that.

Yang says the emphasis on corporate profits isn’t working. Human-centered capitalism focuses on three primary principles:

+ People are more important than money
+ A dollar is not the economic unit — people are.
+ Markets exist to serve the common goals and values of society.

This is now getting into economic theory. A lot of people watching or reading probably don’t get it.
So we asked Yang how this would change daily life as we know it. Yang explained what changes for businesses, our jobs and how we pay for things if a dollar is not the economic unit and what structurally has to change for government.

Local journalism fund

Yang proposes creating something called a local journalism fund. It would establish $1 billion doled out by the FCC to help local newspapers and websites operate.    

The first amendment is based on an independent media.

Yang explained why he doesn’t think this opens the door to having state-run media and possibly take the country down a dangerous road.

Foreign policy

It’s an area where your opponents will say Yang lacks the political chops.

The United States involvement in Afghanistan is 15 years old now. Iraq almost as long.

Yang discussed how he would approach those, Syria and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

See the full conversation in the video above.

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