Democrat Gillibrand unapologetic for strong stance in Al Franken episode

4 The Record

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is one of six women running for president. That is an unprecedented number.

There’s no disputing that Gillibrand stands out among them in one respect.

She’s been the most outspoken on women’s rights and not afraid to call out men in politics for their bad behavior toward women.

It has earned her a lot of praise and plenty of criticism.

It’s likely that it already cost her politically when it comes to fundraising from some influential Democrats.

But Gillibrand is not deterred.

She is unapologetic about taking a strong stance.

This is the second part of our conversation on 4 The Record.


Gillibrand didn’t start the #MeToo movement. But she is arguably the most prominent political face and political voice of it.

She has said Bill Clinton should have resigned from office.
Some responded by calling her a hypocrite for taking the Clintons’ money, endorsements and Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.

Gillibrand also led the charge to force the resignation of Al Franken from the Senate, a popular and powerful liberal voice that prompted powerful donor George Soros to say he won’t give you a dime.

We asked Gillibrand what she would say to people who think she’s been politically opportunistic or hypocritical, if there are degrees of bad behavior, if she believes in due process as the Constitution guarantees and why that wasn’t afforded to Senator Franken.

Watch the full converation in the video above.

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