Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson wants to eliminate college debt

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It’s not easy finding differences among the Democrats running for president.

Their positions are similar, but there are variances among them.

Marianne Williamson separates herself to an extent with the details of her education policy for public schools and higher education.
This is the second part of our conversation on this week’s 4 The Record.

Public schools

It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between Williamson and all the other Democrats in the race on a lot of the big issues.

She is aligned with your fellow Democrats on issues like universal health care medicare for all, climate change, immigration, more criminal justice reform, more restrictions on gun ownership like universal background checks and a ban on assualt rifles and semi-automatic weapons.

Education is a prominent issue for Democrats.

But there are differences among the candidates.
Williamson has some ideas that stand out somewhat.

One area is public schools.

She  would push for federal compensation to schools that would adjust for the funding gap created by the reliance on property taxes.

Schools in wealthier districts inherently have more money than lower-income neighborhoods.

Williamson talked about if she put a price on how much money that would be and where she proposes getting that money.

Free college 
Some Democrats support free college for all.

Williamson seems to agree to a point. She says she’s in favor of it for every qualified student.

So we asked:

Who should qualify for free tuition? Shouldn’t everyone be if everyone is paying taxes? How does she fund this?

Public service time

Williamson is also OK with the idea of students repaying this through a small payroll tax when they start working or by serving time in public service.
That is not a free tuition plan.

She discussed which it is  — free college or this — what kind of national service qualifies and if she would give students options under this repayment system.

Student loan amnesty

Williamson supports student loan amnesty like loan forgiveness programs and interest rates at zero or close to zero.

She addressed how amnesty is fair to the people who pay off their loans.

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