Democratic candidate Williamson vows food fight

4 The Record

Marianne Williamson’s career is vastly different than her Democratic counterparts running for president.

She’s been an outspoken activist and doesn’t shy away from taking a stand on things she finds important.

One is food safety.

She’s critical of the FDA and thinks small farmers have been getting a raw deal.
We pick up our conversation there in the third part of her appearance this week on 4 The Record.

Food safety

Williamson maintains the FDA isn’t doing its job to protect the food we eat and the water we drink and that a Williamson adminisration would support local, small family farmers and ranchers far more than we currently do.

People around here would worry about how much that could hurt John Deere economically.

She discussed how she would do that and if it is her goal to put big corporate farming out of business.

Stopping subsidies

Williamson wants to stop subsidies for unhealthy food like high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fat.
Williamson addressed what she would say to people who think this is trying to legislate healthy behavior and why it isn’t a matter of personal responsibility and freedom of choice.

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