A political and controversial fight over border security grows with the looming expiration of a federal pandemic policy.

Iowa’s Supreme Court weighs in on Abby Finkenauer’s ballot eligibility in her bid for the U. S. Senate.

And Illinois lawmakers take a stand against so-called ghost guns – guns that are considered impossible to trace.

We cover that this morning with Jake Lewis, the deputy director of Illinois’ Democratic Party, and former Iowa Republican Party Chair Steve Grubbs.

We will start in Illinois with ghost guns. State lawmakers adopted legislation last weekend to ban them altogether. These are guns that can be made with a 3D printer and a special kit at home.

A lot of people buy them online. They don’t have serial numbers. That’s what keeps them from being tracked.

The Illinois bill would ban selling any guns or kits that don’t include serial numbers. It would make privately made firearms illegal and require anyone who owns parts without serial numbers to register them.

The federal government also weighed in on this.

President Biden announced a policy to require ghost gun businesses to have a federal license and to add serial numbers to the parts.

Republicans argued against the legislation saying it punishes law-abiding gun owners.

Ten other states already have legislation against ghost guns.

The bill is “an important step forward in making sure that we can keep our communities safe by getting illegal guns and getting these ghost guns off of the street,” Lewis said. “These are untraceable guns.”

“Is this really going to stop the bad guys from printing their own guns?” Grubbs asked. “if they want to break the law, they’re probably going to do it with or without the approval of the government.”

Hear what else our panelists have to say in the video.

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