President Joe Biden has had three members of his cabinet confirmed by the Senate — the secretaries of State, Treasury and Defense.

The president is already addressing issues like the pandemic response, racial equity, economic relief and climate change directly from the Oval Office.

Biden’s been active in his first week and a half on the job.

He’s pushing as much of his policy as he can using executive orders.

Of course, the real substance will need congressional approval.

All of this with the immediate backdrop of an impeachment trial.

Someone involved in all of that will be Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth.

She joined 4 The Record this week for a conversation.

Donald Trump is accused of inciting the violence at the Capitol earlier this month.

Republicans say it’s a waste of time, kicking the former president while he’s down, and that impeachment only further divides the country at a time when President Biden himself calls for unity.

Duckworth discussed her thoughts on the outcome and the criticism.

Democrats have the majority in the Senate based on the tiebreaker situation.

President Biden has an ambitious agenda.

Duckworth talked about what it will take to adopt his policies. 

There’s talk Democrats could eliminate the filibuster. 

Duckworth shared where she stands on that.

Watch the video above for the full conversation.

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