Duckworth warns ‘people will die’ if ACA collapses

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Health care law's future in hands of federal appeals court

There are a couple of high stakes issues nationally and internationally that kind of leave Congress on the outside looking in at the moment.

Health care

The Affordable Care Act faced its latest constitutional test this week in front of a three-judge federal appeals court panel. Two of the three judges on the panel were appointed by Republicans.

A lower court found the entire health care law unconstitutional.

Opponents of the law base their argument on the fact there is no longer a tax penalty for people who break the law by not having health insurance.

It’s not clear when the appeals court will rule.

Two earlier cases challenging the signature legislation of the Obama administration wound up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Both times the high court upheld the law.

Millions of people could lose their health care and protection for people with pre-existing conditions could be eliminated.

The challenge of the affordable care act raised a lot of questions about whether the health care law will be able to hold on legally.

I had a conversation with Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth earlier this week on 4 The Record and asked her how confident she was that the appeals court would uphold the law, what the likelihood that Democrats and Republicans can find common ground to keep the law from collapsing and what kind of conversations she has had with Republicans on the issue.


We’ve seen the images coming from the border with Mexico of migrants being kept in crowded conditions.

Democrats have been very outspoken calling them abhorrent.

Duckworth addressed what could be done to improve that situation and the likelihood of a bipartisan fact finding mission where Democrats and Republicans go there together to figure out a solution.

Watch the full discussion in the video above.

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