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Durbin concerned about Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh's truthfulness during prior confirmation

Illinois senator questioned Kavanaugh about involvement in Bush detention policy

High-stakes politics are at work once again on Capitol Hill.

Democrats and Republicans are trying to carve out the high ground in the battle over President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee.
President Trump got prime time coverage when he introduced Brett Kavanaugh as his choice to serve on the bench.

It's the second appointment to the Supreme Court during his first year and a half in office.

Kavanaugh is a graduate of Yale Law School and he currently serves on the D.C. circuit court.

He clerked for Justice Anthony Kennedy, the man he would replace on the court.

His decisions and writings are already under scrutiny.

He worked for independent counsel Kenneth Starr during his investigation of President Bill Clinton.
In fact, Kavanaugh was a lead author of the Starr Report.

Judge Kavanaugh has written since then that the president should not be burdened with civil suits or criminal investigations.
He also wrote that the president should have the full power to hire and fire any independent counsel.

Kavanaugh recently got attention for his dissenting opinion that opposed a ruling that let an undocumented minor get an abortion, a move that sided with the Trump administration.
Democrats see that as a sign he would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. They don't like the other things mentioned either, saying that it's an indication he would be a political justice.

Republicans praise him as someone who sticks to the letter of the Constituion.

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin sits on the judiciary committee that will oversee Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings.
I had a chance to talk with him about a few things earlier this week, including the Kavanaugh nomination.

View the full interview in the video above.

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